branding identity / packaging ​

Art Direction: ABBY GUIDO 

Photography: AUSTEN HART  

Tastebuds is a meal kit which cooks with cannabis. It consisted of all the necessary food ingredients, recipe book, a stash box containing all the required forms of cannabis, and a website where the user can educate themselves on the cannabis plant.

The goal was to elevate marijuana’s stereotypical reputation and educate users on the plant. The color choice is restricted but vibrant, capturing the energy surrounding the topic. The pattern work is a lively typographic pattern paired with a subtle geometric pattern inspired by the two main chemical compounds found in cannabis. The label system was developed to catch attention while displaying a lot of information. Many elements, covering a large amount of information, contribute to a revitalized and rapidly expanding industry.  

First, the user can complete a brief quiz of their desired effects, then Tastebuds picks from their selection of strains for the best strain for the user and their desired experience. Meals are then chosen by the user and divided into sections, entree, sides, and dessert. The user has a color coded label system with the instructions to guide them through the creation of their medicated meal. However if they require more guidance, there is a wire bound booklet thrown together for each order with recipe cards. The stash box contains all the forms of cannabis necessary to create the meal. If a user wishes to order another box, they can send their stash box back to be re-filled with the goods for their next elevated meal. 

Sarah Demers Designs